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Why Ireland is a global hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and business

Why Ireland is a global hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and business

In our foreword, President Barack Obama cites Ireland as an “inspiration to the world” and talks about Ireland’s wealth of education saying: “Ireland’s youth, and those who’ve come back to build a new Ireland, are now among the best-educated, most entrepreneurial in the world”.

This resonates throughout these pages, where through collaboration of the key sectors within Ireland’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, we see industry, education, research and development, entrepreneurs and Government working closer to advance a nation from which start-ups and scale-ups continue to fast emerge.

One of the fastest growing and most exciting industry sectors with huge global opportunities for start-ups in Ireland is fintech.

Simon Harris, Minister of State at the Department of Finance with special responsibility for International Financial Services, is committed to developing the sector for start-ups and scale-ups over the next five years. In his new strategy, launched in March 2015, entitled Vision and Targets for International Financial Services (IFS) 2020, he is confident that Ireland can be a global hub for fintech.

“One message I would like to send out to Ireland and the world is that the Irish Government is serious about cultivating Ireland as a global hub for fintech and testament to this is my own appointment to Minister with a specific remit to drive jobs and entrepreneurship in the whole financial services sector.

“Secondly, I have set up a taskforce made up of industry leaders to advise on how best to achieve our aims by 2020 as well as a high level implementation group. This collaborative approach along with Irish-owned indigenous companies in the sector that are working alongside multinationals sets Ireland ahead globally in terms of a unique approach that is working and nurturing a start-up revolution.

Fintech Startup Revolution – In the next edition of GEN Magazine Ireland January 2016